Wayside Recommends Farndale’s Famous Daffodil Walk

As I pen these words long, low early sunshine is bringing warmth to the Yorkshire stone wall near by. The golden hue lighting up the rugged blocks, with a few bulbs poking through the soil underneath, brings fond thoughts that spring is just round the corner.

The winter months can feel long and most certainly cold, but I like to think despite the weather the landscape around Wayside Holiday Park is always beautiful, it’s just a different beauty.That said however, there’s no denying the joy of watching the Moors become green once more, watching birds explore sites for new nests or driving through the Yorkshire Dales, fields laden with lambs.

Daffodils in bloom

North Yorkshire is home to the most iconic springtime valley in the UK. Farndale is just a thirty minute drive from Wayside Holiday Park and is adorned with daffodils when the weather warms up – lambs skip through fields along a superb footpath, it’s a wonderful sight. The walk is a rite of passage for many local families, as is tea in the aptly named Daffy Café. We’d certainly recommend a visit, especially early in the morning when the landscape is most calm.

The incredible landscape around the Yorkshire Moors, Dales, Wolds and man-made environments such as York, Harrogate and Castle Howard are photography hot-spots. North Yorkshire is home to the world-famous Joe Cornish gallery. Whilst he’s not a Yorkshireman, Joe has taken some of the most easily recognisable photographs of the county – his website and gallery are well worth a visit.

If you want to take your own iconic Yorkshire photos this springtime here’s our top five locations, all within thirty minutes of Wayside Holiday Park!

1. Hole of Horcum: the heather-clad landscape lends itself to some stunning panoramas and great sunrise and sunset photos. Possibly at its best when the heather flowers in the late summer.

2. Whitby: one of the most well-known seaside towns on the Yorkshire coast, grab some fantastic fish and chips while you’re there. Whitby Abbey and Church are very well photographed locations, well textured stone certainly abounds.

3. Sutton Bank: another one for fans of landscape photography. The views from the Bank on a clear day are incredible and somewhat moving – the only barrier here is the length of your lens!

4. Castle Howard: big vistas, big buildings, big heritage. It’s really easy to spend a day here trying to find the hidden angles and corners that no one else thinks to photograph. Don’t be stopped by your imagination.

5. Dalby Forest: the forest is often home to mountain biking competitions so this is the place to try your hand at action photography. Don’t forget that the Tour de Yorkshire goes past out front door this May so grab some shots there.

However you spend this spring make sure you do two things: firstly, share your images with us via our Twitter page. Secondly, spend it in Yorkshire!